Posted  by Michael Batnick

-1% Mock the permabears
-2% Meh
-3% Yawn
-4% Off the highs
-5% Pullback
-6% Healthy correction
-7% Buying opportunity
-8% Stay the course
-9% This too shall pass
-10% Correction territory
-11% I’m a long-term investor
-12% Stocks always come back
-13% Don’t panic
-14% Draw lines on a chart
-15% Look for attractive valuations
-16% I knew this was coming
-17% Blame Cramer
-18% This sucks
-19% I should buy some downside protection
-20% Bear market
-21% I should have listened to my gut
-22% Buy when there’s blood in the streets
-23% I was early
-24% Is this the bottom?
-25% This sucks
-26% Uggggh
-27% I can’t take this much longer
-28% I sold my stocks
-29% I’m never buying stocks again
-30% Good thing I sold
-31% I should buy gold
-32% And silver
-33% I don’t even care anymore
-34% Glad I stopped looking
-35% Bottom

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